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Early Fall – Pere Marquette River

Hello, my name is Jon Kopczyk and I am a proud United States Navy veteran and current telecommunications engineer. I am married to my amazing wife Stacey, and together we have a son (Adam) and daughter (Emily).

While I grew up fishing in Southeastern Michigan, I was not introduced to fly fishing until later in life by a friend from my old school days, Mike Reaume. Mike set me up with fly fishing gear and showed me some places to fish and before I realized, I was hooked and like many of us, I started adding rods, reels, and other gear to my new found passion. It did not take long before I noticed that each time we went fishing, Mike would hand me a box of flies and I became interested to know how they were tied. One year my wife picked up a starter fly tying kit for me and Mike taught me how to tie a few patterns.

Initially I set out to tie flies for fishing, and just like catching your first fish on a fly rod, there is something magical about catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied. In the Fall of 2013 I became interested in framing some of the flies I tied to decorate my fly tying area and looked to the Internet to find out how. Through my research I landed on some incredible websites and various fly tying forums.

Some members of one forum directed me to John McLain of (FeathersMc.com) for getting the best materials to dress classic wet and salmon flies.  Little did I know he lives 45 minutes from me and welcomed me to visit.  He quickly became a mentor and I can honestly say that without John, I would not be anywhere near the level I am now without his help and guidance.

Now that I have been dressing flies and showing them to friends, coworkers, and family, enough people said that I should have a website to post them, so here I am and my journey continues.

Thank you for visiting my site!

All the best,


My awesome family!

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