Kori Bustard

Ardeotis Kori

The kori bustard is the largest flying bird native to Africa. It is one of the four species (ranging from Africa to India to Australia) in the large-bodied Ardeotis genus. In fact, the male kori bustard may be the heaviest living animal capable of flight.

This species, like most bustards, is a ground-dwelling bird and an opportunistic omnivore. Male kori bustards, which can be more than twice as heavy as the female, attempt to breed with as many females as possible and then take no part in the raising of the young. The nest is a shallow hollow in the earth, often disguised by nearby obstructive objects such as trees.

The male kori bustard is 3 ft 11 in to 4 ft 11 in, stands 2 ft 4 in–3 ft 11 in tall and may have a wingspan about 7 ft 7 in to 9 ft. Male birds may typically weigh between 15 and 40 lb.

Kori Bustard


Close Up

Bead Fly 1 – Tied on a Ronn Lucas Sr hook.


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